Surrey FA Meadowbank

Surrey FA Staff Furlough

The majority of the Surrey FA team shall be on furlough leave effective from 14th April.

Effective from Tuesday 14th April 2020, all Surrey FA staff shall be on furlough leave until further notice, with the exception of those listed below:

Sally Lockyer, Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Dickinson, Head of Operations

Mike Gilham, Head of Participation and Development

David Miller, Head of Governance & Discipline

Nicola Novell, Head of Finance

James Chadwick, Head of Marketing & Communications

During this period, we would ask that any enquiries are directed through to the relevant email addresses below:

For enquiries around refereeing -

For marketing enquiries -

For enquiries about Meadowbank Football Ground -

For discipline enquiries -

For FA Whole Game System and club affiliation enquiries -

For enquiries about courses -

For enquiries about player registration on the Whole Game System -

Individual staff contact information can be found here.

Furlough leave is a temporary leave of absence for economic reasons and is designed to save jobs in the long term. All members of staff will not be financially disadvantaged during their period of furlough leave.

Our workforce has accepted the offer of furlough and have supported the decision. They look forward to returning to their roles and supporting the game in Surrey as soon as possible. This was a difficult decision for us to make, but one which we believe will be in the interests of the game in the County and will ensure we as both a business and charitable organisation, are able resume normal service as soon as the situation changes.

During this period, we would ask that any enquiries are directed through to the relevant staff member from those listed above.

We wish all of those involved in the game the best of health and happiness throughout this difficult time and would urge you all to follow government advice.