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Details of Surrey County FA referee courses that will take place in the summer will be advertised when known. Awarded by The Football Association, this course involves a minimum of 16 hours of tutorial, plus 5 officiated games at 9v9 or 11v11 level which are part of the course. This provides an introduction to the Laws of the Game as well as developing the practical skills required to be a referee. Places on the courses (24) will be allocated to those with a Surrey address first. Out of County applicants will be allocated a place if space is available.

Those aged 16 and over who referee in youth football will need an FA CRC (Criminal Records Check) £10.00

If you have an enquiry please email

Course Information for 9v9/11v11 Football

Minimum Age: 14 Years
Course Duration: 16 Hours (plus officiating 6 matches to fully qualify)
Price: Online Booking £140 Per Candidate (plus FA CRB if required).  Referees must register every season (£20) otherwise they lose the qualification.
Frequency: Approximately 12 Courses run across the County across the year
Pre-requisites: None

Who is this course for?

The Basic Refereeing Course is ideally suited to you if you are interested in becoming a referee in the 9 v 9 and 11 v 11 game both in youth and adult football. You should also consider this course if you currently coach or volunteer and have an interest in refereeing games within your club or league. This course can be viewed as the first, crucial step to you developing as a referee before progressing through the various levels of refereeing. Please note the Laws of Mini Soccer are not taught on this course.

What can I expect from the course?

During your time on this course, a total of 6 separate units will be covered. This will be a combination of classroom and practical based elements which include putting your refereeing knowledge and training into practice by completing 5 matches as a trainee referee. Details of the 6 units covered on the course are;

Unit 1 – Pre Course Study

Laws of the game

The role of the referee

Skills to control a game of football

The FA Safeguarding Workshop

Unit 2 and 4 – Practical

Positioning & movement (set piece & open play)

Managing game situations

Signals & Communication techniques

Application of the Laws of the Game

The FA RESPECT programme

Unit 3 - Fouls and Misconduct

Including online reporting of cautions/ dismissals and misconduct 

Unit 5 – Refereeing

5 games (must be 9v9 or 11v11) to establish knowledge & practicalities

Unit 5 – Examination and Next Steps

Having completed the course successfully, you will qualify as an FA Registered Referee and receive a personalised FA Certificate.

Mini Soccer Referees Course 

This course is designed for those who want to start of by refereeing under 7 to under 10 aged football. The course is normally held over two Saturday mornings with the candidates being given the opportunity on the course to referee. Once they have attended these sessions the candidate must then referee three games of Mini Soccer and attend a further training Module within eight weeks to become an FA Mini Soccer Referee. The cost of this course is £90.00 and includes FA Safeguarding Children in Football training and FA Referee Registration for one season. Those aged 16 and over will require an FA CRB which costs £10.00

Once completed candidates can referee further games of Mini Soccer and they apply to attend the Conversion Course for 9v9/11v11 football

How do I find out when the next available course is on?

You can find a list of Basic Refereeing Courses below however new course dates can often be announced and occasionally existing course dates/venues are subject to change.

I’ve found the course I want – how do I enrol?

Please complete the course booking form which can be found at the bottom of this page. For more information please contact Tim Lawrence on 01372 387094 or by email on

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