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all you need to know

Interested in coaching? Click on the video above to see what coaching is like in Surrey and how we are leading the way in coach development.

At Surrey FA, we are fortunate to have well over one hundred members of The FA Licenced Coaches Club and thousands of coaches that pass through our courses and events each season. Many of our coaches have gone on to coach at the higher levels of the professional game, with others content to coach at a grassroots level. Whatever your coaching aspirations are, our dedicated coaching team at Surrey FA, and the contacts that we have made, are here to support you.

Please navigate your way through the sub links under this tab to find all the information you need to know about coaching with Surrey FA. Please click on the image below for details on the ‘Coaching Pathway’ which sets out the process of becoming a coach and the requirements for each stage.

click here to view the coaching pathway

key contacts

Craig Hicks
Surrey FA Coach Education Officer
Tel: 01372 387092

Peter Augustine
Surrey FA County Coach Developer
Tel: 07812 651 722

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