Temporary Dismissals (Sin Bins)

As part of the FA’s commitment to fostering a positive football environment and addressing poor behaviour, we have revised the Temporary Dismissal (Sin Bins) protocol.

These significant changes are designed to simplify administration for match officials.

The updated protocol now aligns with standard cautioning and send-off procedures. Specifically, a yellow card issued for dissent by word or action will result in a sin bin. If a player receives a second caution while in the sin bin or after returning to play, they will be sent off. This adjustment aims to provide referees with a straightforward tool to manage dissent, promoting respect and fair play.

Additionally, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) has updated the 2024/25 Laws of the Game, which must also be followed.

Details can be found here

We encourage everyone to support this positive step in addressing poor behaviour by sharing this information with match officials, leagues, and clubs.