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Re-Registering as a referee is a yearly process that ensures you remain as one of our officials for the following season, and as such is an important date in the calendar.

Referee registration for the 2020/21 season is £20 and is paid as part of your registration process.

We will also be offering referees the opportunity to purchase additional products from Surrey FA to support you and your role. Further information about the additional items and how to purchase them will follow separately in the coming weeks.

If you have any further questions after using these guides please get in touch with us via Referees@SurreyFA.com.

For further information please click here.

Download the 2020/21 Re-Registration Guide

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Re-Registration will close for Surrey referees on 30th June 2021.

Applications to re-register that are received after the deadline will incur a £5 late fee, which covers the additional administration involved.

You will need your FAN number and password to re-register.

If you do not know your FAN number, please let us know. Alternatively, you can reset your password from the Forgot my Password link on the Whole Game System login screen.


At Surrey FA, we wish to encourage all Referees to aim at achieving an improvement in their performance level. To that end, we are to support all aspiring Referees who wish to apply for advancement within the County promotion system.

Those applying for promotion:

  • Must attend during each promotion season an ‘In Service Training Seminar’ specifically designated for promotion candidates at their current level.
  • Must pass an examination on the Laws of the Game during each promotion season.
  • Must keep the appropriate Assessing Co-ordinator apprised of every match they officiate giving prior notice of time and venue.
  • Must officiate on a minimum of 20 eleven a side competitive matches during the period of the promotion year.
  • Will be assessed on a minimum of 3 matches
  • The Referee Promotion Scheme is now closed. A new date for promotion during the 2020/21 season will be confirmed in due course.
Referee Promotion faqs
The Surrey FA Referee Promotion Scheme is currently closed with a re-opening date to be confirmed. 

For more information on what documents need to be submitted for promotion when the scheme is back open, contact, Brent.Pettit@SurreyFA.com.

Existing candidates who are not promoted will still need to apply each season. Full details can be found in the Referee Section in section 14 of the Surrey FA Handbook. Click here to be redirected to this season’s online Surrey FA Handbook.
Surrey FA actively encourages those who can meet the criteria below to apply to be considered for the Enhanced Promotion Scheme (jumping two levels).

Those with most to gain will be likely to be in their late twenties or early thirties as success would give them the opportunity to progress to Contributory League football or higher. Please note that considerable commitment is required should you wish to apply for enhanced promotion.

The criteria for enhanced promotion is as follows: 

Part 1. Promotion from Level 7 to 6
• Referee at least 20 11-a-side games
• Be assessed at least 3 times
• Attend an In-Service Training Workshop for Level 7 referees on promotion
• Pass an examination on the Laws of the Game

Part 2. Promotion from Level 6 to 5
• Referee at least another 20 11-a-side games
• Be assessed at least another 3 times
• Attend an In-Service Training Workshop for Level 6 referees on promotion
• Pass another examination on the Laws of the Game

Part 3. Consideration for further Promotion from Level 5 to Level 4
Officiate as a neutral Assistant Referee on at least 10 Supply League matches in the promotion period.

Candidates can only be considered for nomination to Level 4 by Surrey FA once they have passed a Fitness Test based on FA requirements. 
A minimum of one complete Registration Period, or 12 months in that classification, whichever is the shortest, must be served before applying for promotion to Level 6. 

After this promotion, a Referee can proceed at the rate they are capable. No Affiliated Association may impose any other qualification periods which cause delayed passage through the promotion pyramid.

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