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Referee Registration 2023/24

Referee registration for the 2023/24 season is now open

We are pleased to confirm that registration for the 2023/24 season is now open and takes no longer than five minutes to complete.


In order to re-register please follow the simple guidance bullet points below:

- Go to the WHOLE GAME SYSTEM (WGS) by clicking on this link

- Log in using your EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD. If you need to reset your password then please CLICK HERE

- The registration tab on the left-hand side will appear as available to you

- Once you have clicked on the registration tab, you will be taken to the new registration portal whereby the process is very simple


Updating your Safeguarding Qualification

In order to officiate as a registered referee, you will be required to ensure your safeguarding (SGC) qualification is in date

- In order to renew this qualification, please CLICK HERE

- In order to undertake this qualification for the first time, please CLICK HERE


Applying for a New FA DBS (CRC)

If you intend to officiate in youth football, then you will be required to ensure your FA DBS (CRC) is in date. Please find below details of how to renew this qualification.

 DBS County Applicant Guidance

Once you have submitted your DBS application, you will then need to make an appointment to have your documents verified. Please follow the link below to make an appointment.

Book a verification appointment


Pre-Season Friendlies & Festivals – Ensure You Are Registered First!

Please remember that, in order to officiate, you MUST be registered with the Surrey FA. Before you agree to referee, please ensure you have followed the above. All clubs and teams must also be affiliated before they can play again.


This season's registration fee will be set at £20.

If you experience any issues in the registration process, please contact