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World Cup Case Study: Isaac Nsubuga

Level 7 Referee Isaac talks to us about his Refereeing career and who he will be supporting this World Cup.

As the World Cup continues, Surrey Referee Isaac Nsubuga tells us about his journey with football and how he became a Referee.

Can you provide an overview of your football history?

My journey in football began when I started playing grassroots football for Mitcham Park in the U13s and U14s. However, I took a break from football to focus on my education in preparation for GCSEs. After the Covid-19 pandemic, in March 2022, to get back into football I started my refereeing career. By April 2022, I refereed my first academy match and recently officiated my first Vitality FA Cup match.

What has football given you?

Football has provided me with several opportunities to meet new people and work with a range of organisations and teams. One example is meeting Craig Hicks, Harry Yellen, and Helen Ogle from the Surrey FA Football Development team, who have supported me and opened up new officiating chances. I've also had the pleasure of meeting professional referees Sunny Singh Gill and Michael Webb. In addition, my officiating position has allowed me to travel around the country, including a stay in Leicester.

What is your current role in football?

I am currently a level 7 referee for Surrey FA, participating in numerous competitions from grassroots events to academy and Vitality FA Cup fixtures.

How, why, and when did you take on this role?

It all began in March 2022 because it was a perfect way for me to return to the game after a brief absence. I reasoned that refereeing would help me develop a thick skin in preparation for military life, plus it had the perk of providing payment. Refereeing has presented me with numerous opportunities for self-growth, leadership development, and fitness improvement.

What has the role given you?

This role has allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and meet talented players and other individuals who take pride in their craft. It has also allowed me to travel more such as my opportunity in Leicester.

Who are you supporting in the world cup?

I will be supporting England – It’s coming home!

If you are inspired by Isaac's story and wish to know more about how you can get involved in Refereeing, please head to the Refereeing section of our website by following the link below.