e-County Cup Live-Stream

Have you considered live streaming?

This month, our official content partners, Capital Content walk you through why you should consider live streaming.

We did it again. We pulled off a major live stream event for our great partners, Surrey FA.

On May 23rd, the Capital Content Team carted every piece of tech we had to support Surrey FA put on a national first: The Surrey e-County Cup.

If you’re reading this blog, I’m going to assume you know about the event already.

What I really wanted to talk about was the level of innovation and accessibility that this project has provided to the football loving masses.

A live stream to any platform may seem like a futuristic, unattainable achievement but with tech nowadays, you can live stream pretty much anything and from everywhere...and people do. I mean, I’ve watched a live stream of someone putting makeup on, answering Q&A’s, watering their plants… I mean I haven’t watched them fully but I’m just making a point...people will engage with things if it is innovative.

Having a live stream of a FIFA tournament gives Surrey FA a number of positive elements to their brand:

  • Giving back to a community that have lost out due to COVID
  • Increased their digital real estate for sponsorship opportunities
  • Seen as an industry leading entity
  • Ability to create a whole lot of content off the back off of a single event

What I’m hoping you’ve noticed is that live streaming is not just a one off piece of content. Off the back of that live stream, they were also able to create a ‘goal of the tournament’ video, 4 episodes of e-Cup Extra and many engaging social posts.

Using an annual live stream as part of your video marketing mix can really elevate your brand to that next level and help you stand out from competitors. Very few organisations know how to produce a successful live stream event but if you can do it right, you’ll be quids in, in terms of reach, engagement and brand awareness.

Need help thinking of what you can do for a live stream for your organisation? Get in touch.