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Creative Director, Gary Gumbleton talks about all things sponsorship in this month’s Capital Content blog.
Now, it's no secret that Capital Content and Surrey FA are long term partners.

Over the past two years, we have created some amazing content that not only tells a story but has been tailored to achieve the specific ‘goals’ (pun not intended) set by the organisation.

However, our partnership is also a two-way street, whereby we help raise awareness of important stories from grassroots football organisations, whilst also being able to promote our abilities as a digital agency with the content we produce.

The reason we’re writing about the content we produce is to highlight that sponsorship (commercial or otherwise) needs to be smart. It's perfectly fine getting a local pizza brand to be a jersey sponsor but does your team want a slice of Hawaiian at half time as well as money to support the club? Probably not...unless you’re Wayne Shaw.

As a grassroots organisation, there are lots of companies out there that will part with sponsorship money but you need to be able to show what you can provide outside of a logo. You need to be innovative in your sponsorship offering.

In an age where content is king (specifically video content), you as the organisation can offer digital content to a potential sponsor that is low in cost to produce but high in value to a sponsor. The reason it’s high in value is that it’s pre-packaged. A sponsor can basically just buy off the shelf AND they get to post your content on their own channels...not just on a jersey.

If you can think of ideas (or get your agency to do it) that include both the organisation AND the sponsor in one video then it’s a WIN WIN.

Here are our top 3 ideas for content packages that sponsors can buy directly from you:

Instagram Hijack

A player in the team gets given access to the sponsors Instagram account and updates stories throughout the day (preferably a game day). This brings team followers over to the sponsor’s page and gives them access to something they normally wouldn't be able to see.

 Insta Hijack

Cross Bar Challenge

We all know and love Soccer AM. So why not get some of the staff members from the sponsor down to the ground and film them doing a crossbar challenge with the team Keeper. It’s a great team building event and will also produce lots of little clips to share on social.

 Crossbar Challenge

Keepy Uppies

Film, with your phone, each player doing as many keep ups as they can do in one go. Add the sponsor logo to it and send them all of the videos. The sponsor can post on a Monday ‘how many do you think they can do’ with a screenshot. Then on Friday, you release the video. If you have 11 players, that is 2 social media posts a week for almost 3 months all for just 30 minutes of work.

Keepie Uppies


For more ideas on how to strategically use a sponsors investment or how to create content for your organisation, contact Capital Content via the link below. They are open to chat at any time.