Surrey FA Commit To New Regional Code Of Governance

The code will allow the organisation to assess our current practices against the highest standard of corporate governance in football.

We're very proud to be support The FA as the first national governing body in English sport to introduce a regional code of governance, which sets a higher precedent than the current gold standard for sport and aims to provide support and guidance to those running the grassroots game up and down the country. 


It means that County FAs like ours can assess their current practices against the highest standard of corporate governance in football, supporting their development and ensuring they have the structures, functional operations and decision-making processes in place to offer the best possible service to the game at a local level. 


Developed by a working group, which included representatives from County FAs, The FA executive and youth councils and Sport England, it takes elements from Tier 3 of the Sport England code of governance - the current gold standard - adapting and elevating them further to work specifically for football at every level of a County FA. 


The code outlines key requirements underpinned by five key principles: structure; people; communication; standards and conduct; and policies and processes. 


A number of County FAs have already committed to embedding the code since its inception, which include Surrey FA. 


As the national sport that millions of people play and support across the country, it is important that The FA and the CFAs like ours serve and lead the game as effectively as possible. This new regional code of governance will support that by ensuring we  are best placed to deliver football as well as represent and support our community. 


On Surrey FA adopting the standard, Les Pharo, Chair, Surrey FA commented, I fully support the FA in the Governance Code process and Surrey FA has already committed to embed the Code. It is critical that we operate at the highest standards of corporate Governance across all areas of the code to ensure we continue to lead, support and serve grassroots football effectively for everyone participating in the game across Surrey. There will be updates on our progress as we move towards the standard, and work is already underway to ensure that we do.”