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Pirbright Launch Season With Strong Respect Message

The new FA Respect Campaign is underway and one team in particular has set out it's priorities for the season.

Pirbright Launch Season With Strong Respect Message


We are well underway with the launch of the new FA Respect Campaign and it’s great to see that so many clubs and leagues are taking this initiative to make a difference.

One team have gone that one step further to make sure Respect is part of their philosophy every time they step out on to the pitch. Pirbright Premier U12’s have added the Respect logo onto their kit as a reminder to the players, and anyone involved in the team, to keep Respect as the highest priority.

Lee Sawkins, Manager of Pilbright Premier U12’s said, “As a club we have always had a strong focus on fair play and Respect and this has been recognised previously through a number of league and tournament respect awards.

With the launch of The FA’s new Respect campaign we wanted to ensure the club was in a position to fully support this. This summer we introduced new codes of conduct for players and supporters, and also nominated a new Respect lead at the club.”

As coach of the U12’s I also wanted to improve our fair play ratings during league matches which, although were above the league average, had room for improvement. The coaching team decided this year would be a fantastic opportunity to promote the Respect campaign by having the logo printed on the shirts.”

The players have responded really well and the logo not only provides a Respect talking point for the team it also acts as a consistent reminder to players, supporters and coaches at the club that we have a responsibility to promote respect across grassroots football.”

Showcasing Your Love For The Game

“Match day should be an opportunity to celebrate the reasons why players, coaches and volunteers up and down the country get involved in the game," said Ashley Gumbrell, Surrey FA Respect Lead. "It should be a chance for players to showcase their love of the game and create lasting memories of football here in Surrey."

On occasions these experiences can be overshadowed by altogether more negative factors. The new FA Respect campaign is seeking to highlight the positive influence we can all have on one another’s passion for the beautiful game."

I would encourage all clubs, players, managers, officials and parents to reflect on their own behaviours and challenge each other to ensure everyone takes something positive when attending a match.”  

Find Out More


If you’d like to find out more about this season’s Respect campaign, read our article on the launch here, or watch the video here.

Have your own Respect success to share? Email info@SurreyFA.com with your story, and you could also be featured by us.