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Respect Highest Priority At Football For All League

Surrey's Football For All League launches season with a strong Respect message, setting a precedent for everyone involved.

Surrey Football For All League launch new season with respect as the highest priority

One league in Surrey has kicked off the new season embracing the new FA Respect Campaign which will be an integral part of their principles.

The Surrey Football For All League have encouraged clubs to sign the FA Respect Pack Campaign Commitment that all clubs will follow to encourage respect to be on the minds of everyone at all times as it should be. 

John O’Malley, Surrey Football For All League Respect Officer 2018/19 season said, “It is great to see that the League has adopted the Respect Campaign, and all teams have come on board with this.

 It is exactly what the league ethos is about, not only players showing respect for the referee, but everyone involved, from players, managers, coaches and parents all showing respect for each other.”

It was great to hear at the recent AGM, the teams voted that the ‘Respect Points’ that we are now asking referees to score every team, was more of a priority than the actual league points.”

After the summer break it was good to see the teams return again this Sunday for the start of the new season, including new players and also new teams!”

The league is getting bigger and bigger and I believe this is mainly down to the inclusiveness and ethos that the league stands for.”

Below is what the league has put into place:

  • Appointed a Respect Officer to oversee the programme
  • All clubs signed a commitment to adhere to the Respect Codes of conduct for players, coaches and managers, parents/ carers/ guardians
  • Implemented a Respect points scoring system for all ages and divisions that will be main focus over league points- piloted at the weekend across divisions with excellent scores across the board
  • Respect Codes of Conduct up at the entrance to the 3G at the Elmbridge Xcel so all players, coaches and spectators can easily see them as they enter the pitch

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If you’d like to find out more about this season’s Respect campaign, Read our article on the launch here, or watch the video here.

Have your own Respect success to share? Email with your story, and you could also be featured by us.

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