Silent Weekend Poppies

Silent Weekend Success For Motspur Park FC

Motspur Park FC join together to remember the fallen and introduce 'silent side line' weekend.

Silent Weekend success for Motspur Park FC on Remembrance Day

On Sunday it was fantastic to see everyone involved at Motspur Park FC join together to remember all those who fought in the First World War.

Motspur Park FC surveyed all their youth players at the club. One of the questions asked was about how they feel when parents shout out telling them what to do.

A shocking 88% said they did not like it.

One of the comments stated “I get scared and don’t want the ball.”

Driving the initiative

Gary Hammocks, Motspur Park FC Secretary said, “Please help make today a memorable occasion by joining us in this one off ‘silent side line’ weekend in partnership with Surrey County FA and the FA’s #WeOnlyDoPositive and Respect campaigns.

“Today let the football do the talking.”

There were a total of 14 games at Motspur Park on Remembrance Day ranging from u7’s to u16’s.

Sunday’s event was a huge success at Motspur Park FC with Respect being the forefront of the event.

They raised a remarkable £2296.83 for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

This is a perfect initiative building on from the FA’s Respect campaign #WeOnlyDoPositive.

Click here to see photos from the event.

How to get involved

We want to encourage more clubs & leagues to join us in Surrey FA’s own Silent Weekend for the first time.

Our Silent Weekend will be taking place on the weekend of the 24th November 2018.

Find out more on how you can support Respect in Youth Football.