Debt Recovery

The debt recovery scheme is the clubs' and leagues' opportunity to try to recoup the money owed.

If you think you have a valid debt and would like to apply to the County for support in chasing monies owed, please download and complete the application & information form from this page.

What is a Valid Debt?

Football debts are defined as those costs arising directly from football activity, and as such would include disciplinary costs (e.g. fines), match costs (e.g. match fees) and playing expenses (e.g. pitch hire). Incidental costs (e.g. fundraising activities, club subscriptions) do not fall within the scope of Football Debt Recovery.

For example, the following would be a valid debt which would fall under the debt recovery procedures:

• Fines from discipline cases (cautions, dismissals, misconduct charges)

• Match fees

The following would not be a valid debt:

• Club subscriptions/Signing on fees/Internal club fines

• Lottery or any other fund raising schemes

• End of season trip costs

• Kit/Equipment

• External Club Debts 

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Ready to take the first steps towards football debt recovery?

Download our form and information pack, and return it to the Discipline department here at Surrey FA, and we can get the process underway.

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