Discipline at the Surrey FA

The Football Services Department at Surrey County FA is responsible for pro-actively ensuring that the Rules and Regulations of The FA and County FA are upheld and to enforce good discipline and fair-play in the grassroots game.

The County FA Handbook includes a detailed section on the discipline process, and The FA have also produced their own Discipline Handbook along with tools and resources for all members of the football community. These documents are designed to help everyone in football understand their responsibilities, reporting processes, how to complete the necessary forms and the timescales involved.

Should you have any questions about discipline, please contact the Discipline Team in the Football Services Department using the contact details below.

The FA Discipline Handbook 2015-2016

The Discipline Handbook 2015-2016 is an online interactive reference guide for the entire football community. You can access the handbook by visiting http://esports.flipboxapp.net/Discipline/

The handbook will be a useful guide to explain the disciplinary process and details the changes that have taken place over the last few years – including match based discipline, sanction guidelines and changes to handling discrimination. This year’s guide also includes videos and resources that will go into greater depth to explain the disciplinary process and Whole Game System.

Useful Videos:

• Introduction from Mark Ives, Disciplinary Manager
• Player Insurance• Processing Misconduct Charges
• What to expect when attending a County FA hearing
• Whole Game System
• Respect
• Reporting Discrimination - Grassroots Players and Supporters

Useful Resources:

• Suspension Notification Form
• Sending Off Paperwork
• Board of Appeal
• Guide to the Appeals process
• Alternate Charge Notification
• Multiple Charge Notification
• Standard Code of Rules Template
• Penalty Points
• Reporting Discrimination booklets for grassroots players and supporters
• Sanction Guidelines - UPDATED for 2014-15

There is also a Leagues section to provide guidance for administrators regarding the Powers and Duties of the League.

Discipline Resources and Tools

The FA has also produced a number of resources and online tools to assist and support all members of the football community with discipline operations. The Sanction Guidelines document will serve as a useful guide and will enable Participants to have an awareness of likely sanction should the case against them be found proven. There is also an interactive guide available for referees on Submitting Discipline Reports to the County FA using Whole Game System and dedicated pages of information about the Debt Recovery Process, our Social Media Policy, latest Sine Die list (individuals suspended from all football activity) and check whether your players are suspended through the Suspension Checker tool.

All of the above are available to download here:

FA Rules and Regulations

Misconduct Reports

Debt Recovery

Sine Die


Social Media Policy

Sanction Guidelines

FAQs Match Based Discipline

Hearing and Appeal Procedures

Photography Guidelines

Discrimination Complaint Form

The new FA Rules and Governance interactive website will help provide a better understanding of the role of The FA's governance department and governance of the game in general. The purpose of the site is to enable everyone involved in the game, whether with a league or club, as a player, match official, or as a spectator, to have a better understanding of the role we all play in the governance of the game. Click here to access the site.

Reporting Discrimination

The FA and County FA's are determined to provide an inclusive football experience for anyone who wishes to play, coach, officiate, administer, support or be involved in any role in English football. An experience that is reflective of our diverse communities, safe for all and free from abuse and discrimination. As part of The FA's commitment to deliver English Football's Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination plan, we have enhanced the way in which discriminatory cases are heard at grassroots level.

County FA's are responsible for all cases arising from Steps 5 and below and the details of these cases will also be reported centrally to The FA. Investigations will be managed by the relevant County FA (if the case has not already been escalated to The FA), and where appropriate, charges will be raised upon completion of a thorough investigation.

To support these changes, The FA has appointed an administration officer based at Wembley Stadium, and also an Investigations Manager (Discrimination) who will work with each County to assist in the investigation of these matters. The FA has also established a diverse independent central Chairman’s panel for those who will be selected to chair grassroots discrimination cases - This panel which was chosen for its skills, knowledge and experience, has undertaken the same mandatory training that The FA requires for all its Commission Chairmen, and includes members who are male, female, disabled, from ethnic minorities, identify as gay, and those who come from different faith backgrounds.

Every County FA is also establishing a local football anti-discrimination football panel. Commissions will be made up of a Chairperson from the central panel, a member of the local football anti-discrimination panel and a County FA Council member.

How to Report an Incident

Should you wish to report an incident of discrimination at level Step 5 and below, in the first instance, please contact us at discipline@surreyfa.com.

Should you need to contact The FA, Please use the details below:

Telephone: 0800 085 0508*

E-mail: FootballForAll@TheFA.com

The contact details above are strictly reserved for those wishing to report allegations of abuse and/or discrimination such as incidents of racism or homophobia.

* If you are calling from a mobile telephone you may be charged for this call.

Please click here to see some Football Association video resources on reporting discrimination.

Discipline Enquiries

For all general discipline enquiries please email the Football Services department on discipline@surreyfa.com or by phone on 01372 373 543.

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