Play the traditional form of football in Surrey

playing 11v11 Football

Eleven-a-side football has long been the pinnacle form football, and with good reason. The money, tactics and drama of the modern game all make for an enthralling sport, which inspires the nation.

So, where do we come in?
Although we can't promise you that you'll be playing total football on a Sunday morning, the benefits of joining an 11v11 team are clear to see. Alongside the social benefits from joining, the positive implications for your physical and mental health are numerous - not to mention the excitement and drive that healthy competition brings.

Great, so what's my next step?

The next step is to find yourself a team, which can be done on a local basis, or even by ability.

Use the Find A Club tool below to locate teams in your area, and be sure to check out #MostWanted to see what opportunities are out there with clubs at the moment.


Surrey Male Football 2020/21 Interactive Map

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How to get Involved

We have created a guide to help those looking to set-up a new adult football team. The guide includes helpful information from setting up the team to increasing awareness; so should you be setting up a team in a brand new club or if you are an established club introducing a new adult team we hope you find the guide of use.