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Within pan-disability football there are opportunities to take part informally in turn-up-and-play sessions through to more formal team and competition based football. The full pathway is illustrated below:

Pan-disability leagues and teams

There are now over 2,200 affiliated disability teams that mainly play across the 36 county pan-disability football leagues within England.

These teams and leagues form the foundation of the disability player pathway and provide an environment in which players can play competitively on a regular basis.

In many cases, these county-based leagues have been established and supported by County FAs who deliver in partnership with a range of organisations to ensure that provision is both standardised and sustained.

County leagues develop provision for a range of players playing pan-disability football: adult male; adult female; U16 mixed; U14 mixed; U12 mixed and more recently younger age groups such as U8 mixed.

The format varies but typically it will be either five, seven or nine-a-side with fixtures taking place monthly at a central venue throughout the football season.


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