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As a person with an impairment or disability you may wish to still take part in a mainstream club or team. However, there may need to be some adaptations. 
The FA’s rules, specifically the standard code of rules for youth competitions (SCORY), prescribe age groups for children to play in which are designed to ensure that they compete with peers of similar size and development.

However, for some children with a disability or significant physical development delay (SPDD), playing in the prescribed age group would put them at a substantial disadvantage to their non-disabled team mates, discouraging them from being involved or making it impossible for them to access football altogether.

The FA dispensation policy enables disabled children to play football in an age group other than that prescribed by their date of birth, providing all necessary criteria of the dispensation policy and assessment process is met.

Players with an amputation are able to play with their prosthesis in mainstream, pan-disability and amputee specific football providing approval has been given by The FA in advance.

Applications must be made through the player's local County Football Association (CFA) as CFAs are the only organisations who can request a dispensation for a player with an amputation wishing to wear a prosthesis playing in FA sanctioned football matches.

For details on how to do this, you can download our 'Playing football with a prosthesis' guide for players and referees.  

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Eve Roberts

Equality Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Officer