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Impairment Specific

If you have a specific impairment, there is a form of football to suit you and your needs. See below the find out more about the different forms of impairment specific football. 
Currently, we don’t offer leagues and clubs for each impairment, but if you wish to set up a impairment specific provision, team or recreational session please do not hesitate to get in touch. 


Eve Roberts

Equality Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Officer

E: eve.roberts@surreyfa.com


Cerebral palsy football is for ambulant players with cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders such as stroke and traumatic brain injury. Cerebral palsy football is also sometimes known as CP football or as football seven-a-side. Frame football is a new format of the game that is being developed specifically to meet the needs of footballers who require the use of a frame or K walker to aid mobility as it can be difficult to cater for frame users within an inclusive session with non frame users.

Blind football


Blind football is five-a-side football - and, more specifically, it is an adapted version of futsal. Blind football is also sometimes known as B1 football or football five-a-side.

Outfield players must be registered as B1 (completely blind) although the goalkeepers can be either sighted or partially sighted.


Partially Sighted football is an adapted version of Futsal and it is also sometimes known as B2/3 football.

The game is played by players with a visual impairment.

North West Scorpions' Bailey Pack in action at the FA Disability Cup

powerchair football

Powerchair football is a unique sport that provides opportunities for people with a high level of impairment to access the game of football. It is the only active team participation sport for people who use electric wheelchairs.

The game is for anyone who uses a powered wheelchair or those who have limited movement in a manual wheelchair. The sport is fast-paced, dynamic and very enjoyable to watch.

The unique nature of powerchair football allows all ages, disabilities and both genders to compete together.

deaf football

This format football is for players with different levels and types of hearing loss who wish to get involved in football. This format is identical to futsal or 11-a-side laws of the game on than players must remove their hearing aids and cochlear implants during games to ensure a degree of fairness for all players.  

However, this rule does not apply to players competing in a pan disability format, recreational football session or training session. 

England Mens Deaf Football Team


This is an impairment specific format especially for those with an amputation. Outfield players are either above or below the knee single-leg amputee whilst goalkeepers are single-arm amputees. However, throughout the grassroots, and PAN disability game there is flexibility around arm amputee players, playing outside of the goal. Since the format was introduced, there is 12 amputee football teams affiliated nationally.  

If you wish to set up an amputee football provision, team or recreational session please do not hesitate to get in touch with your County FA.  

You can find out more from the head coach of the EAFA on our Surrey FA podcast, where we chat in detail with Owen Coyle Junior about all things amputee football and the national team's journey so far.