Green Football Weekend

Green Football Weekend Is Back

The initiative will run from 2 February until 5 February 2024

Next month Green Football Weekend, an annual campaign that unites football enthusiasts of all levels to fight climate change, returns. 

The dedicated weekend will run from Friday 2nd February to Monday 5th February to inspire and unite fans to act against climate change. Like so many things we love, football is vulnerable to the effects of climate change, but the 3.5 billion-strong football community has the power to change things. 

This year’s campaign is focussing on trying a tasty veggie meal.  Did you know that eating more vegetables helps reduce injuries, improve recovery times, increase circulation, and importantly, protect our planet? So, it’s a great step we can all take to help ourselves and the planet. 

There’s plenty of ways to get involved with Green Football Weekend - here are some suggestions: 

Score 'Green Goals' at Get your team and fans to take eco-friendly actions during the 3-week tournament (there’s some prizes on offer for the biggest scorers!)
Host a 'Greener Game' on 2-5th Feb. Be a game-changer by organising your mini greener game, showing your commitment to sustainability.
Offer veggie match day food
Advocate for eco-friendly travel
Advocate for eco-friendly travel
Promote sustainability within your club
Talk about it: use Green Football Weekend as a moment to talk about what your club is doing to be more sustainable, or set out your intentions for 2024. Tag @GreenFootballWe so we can show our support for you too.

You can find out more about how you can get involved in Green Football Weekend by following the link below.