Small Sided Games

Benefits of Small-Sided Games workshop to take place this month

Join us on 20th October for the CPD session

Join us for an interactive workshop, run by FA Coach Development Officers Sharon Muxworthy and Daniel Fenner, aimed at providing valuable support to coaches. 

During this session, we will bring to life various examples of small-sided games and illustrate how they can be leveraged to enhance the development of players. We will showcase a diverse range of small-sided games, both in and out of possession, specifically crafted to enhance players' skills. Coaches will gain practical insights and be equipped to integrate these games into their own team environments. 

Coaches will have the opportunity to delve into the strategic use of small-sided games in honing players' attacking and defending abilities. We will focus on tailoring these exercises to meet the needs and abilities of the players, with an emphasis on goals, opposition, and direction. 

Venue: Meadowbank Football Ground, Mill Lane, Dorking, RH4 1DX 
Date: Friday 20th October 2023 
Time: 18:30-20:30 

Watch the introduction video by following the link below. 



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