Met Police

Gavin Macpherson Interview

Metropolitan Police’s manager previews the Specsavers Surrey Senior Cup Final

The Specsavers Surrey Senior Cup Final is set to be played on Wednesday 3rd May 2023 between Virginia Water FC and Metropolitan Police FC at Meadowbank Football Ground. We sat down with Metropolitan Police manager Gavin Macpherson to find out more about how their season has gone, plus their hopes for the final. 

What would it mean to win the Specsavers Surrey Senior Cup?

We have priorities at the start of the season and the Surrey Senior Cup is certainly one of them. If we won the competition it would be my 2nd in 3 seasons so we take the competition seriously. It would be an excellent end to a good season.

How would you sum up your season?

With us there is always a sense of building, it just depends how big the build is. I believe this has been a really good season, we’ve re-built after a play-off season and had a chance of the play offs up until mid-April so I can’t have asked anymore of the staff and players. To have promoted several players from the U18’s straight into the 1st team and hopefully cap it off with a cup win will be a fantastic achievement.

What are you expecting from your opponents?

Firstly, we’ll show them the due respect they deserve. Any team that has played themselves to a cup final will be a good side and I expect a difficult game. They’ll be organised an full of desire so we’ll need to be at our best to stand any chance of winning.

Do you have a message for your supporters?

Although fewer than most in our league, we have supporters that travel away to the far corners of the country. I know most of them personally and they have supported me, the management team and the players without reservation so my message to them is thank you, we need your support to see us over the line in this final game. 

If you would like to buy tickets for the Specsavers Surrey Senior Cup, please follow the link below.