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Archbishop of Canterbury FC supports Green Football Weekend

The Archbishop of Canterbury's Football Team returns to Surrey to support Green Football Weekend

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Football Team is coming back to Surrey to play a fixture against London Interfaith Club as part of the Green Football Weekend on 20-21 January.

The team will join fans from over 80 professional football clubs, including premier league teams, all taking action in support climate change through Planet League’s Green Football Weekend.

 The Archbishop of Canterbury FC match will take place Saturday January 21st at Surrey Sports Park, Guildford GU2 7AD with Kick Off at 12.30pm. Spectators and supporters are welcome to support Green Football weekend.

Pre-match training for the team is provided courtesy of Surrey FA at the Meadowbank Football Stadium on Friday 20th January from 3.30pm - 5pm. CEO Sally Lockyer, Surrey FA said:

“Over 70,000 players from local clubs, community groups and charities enjoy our fantastic 3G facilities at Meadowbank each season and we’re thrilled to host the Archbishop’s team training and match preparation.  Green Football weekend and climate action aligns with our long-term strategy for sustainable football facilities and we wish the Archbishop’s team the best of luck”.

The team then returns to St Mary's for supper with neighbour Fetcham Park hosting a reception in their historic Hall for the football team. St Mary’s supporters are organising supper and hosting the team overnight. After breakfast, the Team depart to Surrey Sports Park, Guildford GU2 7AD for the match against a London Interfaith Team. Kick-off at 12.30.  Spectators are welcome to support the teams.

For more details or to offer support please contact Team Manager Rev Pouya Heidari on 07787 166891 or Josh Symmonds, Head of Marketing at Surrey FA at or 07809 409215.

Further information on Planet League and the Green Football Weekend can be found below.