Inclusion and Neurodiversity Awareness Workshop

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Join us at Surrey Sports Park for our first Ready, Set, Glow workshop, as we are joined by Heather Lane for a CPD on Inclusion and Neurodiversity. 

This workshop will help inform you of how to identify and understand the implications neurodiversity has on children and young people to enable positive inclusion and reasonable adjustments within football.

This CPD is open to all and is part of our ‘Ready, Set, Glow’ project which aims to educate leagues and clubs about how to create an inclusive environment for those with ASC and ADHD. With 68% of disabled players choosing to participate within mainstream clubs, these CPDs will help educate clubs and resource clubs with best practices to manage behaviours and inclusive practices for neurodivergent participants. 

About Heather Lane:
Vastly knowledgeable, Heather has professional and academic experience of working with children, young people and adults who are neurodiverse. Heather is also a lecturer and Pathway Lead for Community Children’s Nursing at the University of Surrey.

From this session, you will take away:

What neurodiversity is.
What it looks like and how neuro-diverse Children and Young People (CYP) may present.
How to identify approaches and resources to support inclusion for neurodiverse CYP within football.

Workshop Details:

Venue: The Varsity Suite, Surrey Sports Park, GU2 7AD
Date: 20th April, Thursday
Time: 18:30 – 20:30
Cost: £5

Book your place now by following the link below. 


If you have any further questions please contact our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer Eve Roberts at


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