Marketing Tips for Grassroots Football Clubs

Welcome to the September blog post from Capital Content

So, the grassroots season is now in full swing. With volunteers now having to be at training and supporting kids through their sporting focus, clubs will now find themselves with less and less time to manage marketing their club.

marketingYou may think that you don’t need to keep up your marketing all year round, but that is usually the first mistake clubs make. 

What clubs tend to find is that there is a mad rush of trying to market themselves in the lead up to the new season to get the players signed up and subscription paid in.

Short sharp bursts of marketing are not sustainable, as they tend to prevent the conversion of eyeballs into purchases. Therefore, your strategy as a club should be a constant trickle of content posted over your social feeds to keep the awareness of the club in the public eye. This gives you less to do in those last 3 months.

Here are a few tips to help you reduce the amount of time you spend on posting content over your social feeds so you can spend more time supporting your club:

Batch Create

marketingPick a particular day that you know all teams and players will be in the same place (probably training right?) Then get a coach to walk around for an hour taking pictures and videos of the players (and the coaches) doing their thing. Store all of these photos in one place (online drive), so everyone has access, and use it as an archive for when you need a photo to go with a post.


marketingNow that you’ve spent a couple of hours taking photos and videos to use for posts, you now need to do the same thing with the actual post itself. 

Rather than write the post, attach the image and click submit each and every day; you’re best to sit down in front of your computer and post a month's worth of content using a scheduling tool like Hootsuite.

This was you’re focused on one task and you can be in the zone for an hour or so once a month and not have to think about it again until next month. You can even get Hootsuite to post at the best times too, not just the time that's convenient for you.


marketingYou’ve posted a photo of little Johnny scoring a goal on Facebook and asked if any new parents want to sign up. Don’t stop there. Post that same photo the next day on a different platform (eg Twitter). Re-purpose the content across all platforms so you don't have to think about coming up with new ideas all the time.

So, 3 key tips to help increase your social media efforts without increasing your time spent. If you want to talk about social media management or want support in coming up with ideas, drop Capital Content a line.

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