Why Our Players Play

Coaching session ideas that give laughter, happiness and enjoyment to you and your players

On Thursday 4 November 2021, Pete Augustine, FA Coach Development Officer, will be delivering a CPD workshop at AFC Walcountains in Banstead, titled ‘Why Our Players Play.’

This workshop will support you to reflect on the reasons your players love playing football and the impact your behaviours as a coach can have on their enjoyment, while providing some practical ideas for you to try out in training. 

If you have two teams, a goal at both ends of the pitch and a way to win the game or practice, you’re well on the way to helping players fall in love and stay in love with football.

What can coaches expect to take away from the workshop? 

1) Strategies to understand why our players play
2) Example games that could be used to help players love football
3) Reflected on their coaching behaviours and the impact on player motivation

Questions this workshop will aim to answer:

1) What games and practices can I provide that give players the joy of scoring and stopping goals?
2) How can I help players to learn and understand more about the game?
3) How might I use football as a vehicle for developing social skills?


Venue: AFC Walcountians, Clockhouse Ground, Carshalton Road, Banstead SM7 3HU

Date and time: Thursday 4 November from 19:00-21:00