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Rise of the Podcast

This month, Capital Content take you through five reasons to consider podcasting.

Forget ‘Rise of the Planet Apes’, moving forward it’s all about the rise of podcasting!

With so many people stuck inside looking for ways to spend their days, an increasing proportion have taken to either creating or listening to podcasts. In short, podcasts are a great way to start conversations and create an informative and educational platform.

All types of industries and businesses have already taken to podcasting, including those in sport – including within football. It has become known as a way to universally engage and communicate with an audience.

Here’s just five of many reasons we think you or your organisation should consider starting a podcast including references to some football podcasts which have already hopped on the bandwagon.

1. Great for building an audience

Similar to a blog, a podcast tends to be informative and therefore is a great way to build an audience. People love to feel like they are learning something without having to actively do anything, like reading.

The great thing about a podcast is you can talk about things that you are already knowledgeable about, and as your podcast grows in popularity so will your audience. Not everyone will convert to hardcore fans but those who are interested will recommend to others and therein lies the secret to a loyal audience base.

Capital Content Podcast 1

2. It doesn’t cost a lot

All a podcast really consists of is at least one individual, access to a microphone and a recording device. However, with an increasing amount of podcasts and the quality of technology nowadays, good quality audio and visuals will definitely make you stand out!

Hire a studio space to record your podcast can be a low-cost way of producing quality content without having to go out and buy everything yourself. But, if you’re not quite there yet or aren’t already established online as a business or individual, it may be best to just start with a little trial and error on your own – no harm in trying!

Capital Content Podcast 2

3. Hearing a voice makes it more personal

Another great thing about podcasting is it has a personal quality, giving the audience a sense of community and connection with the speaker. Podcasting, especially for larger businesses, is a great way to reach your audience on a one-to-one level which will, in turn, humanise your brand – a little peek behind the curtain if you will!

Capital Content Podcast 3

4. Audio content is convenient for the consumer

From the perspective of the audience, the great things about podcasts is also convenience. As a podcast can simply be only audio, it doesn’t require your full attention. You could be cleaning, painting, working, driving, walking or exercising all the while listening to your favourite podcast.

Capital Content Podcast 4

5. It’s great fun!

From the likes of Surrey FA ourselves to Peter Crouch, all types of sports-related personalities are building out their brand-identity through podcasting! The reason being – it’s pretty fun. Podcasting, as mentioned, is more of a conversation than anything else so it’s a good time to relax and talk with interesting people about interesting topics. We have already had some great guests including Arsenal Fan TV’s Robbie Lyle and Cecil Jee as well as ex-professional footballer, Marcus Bent, with a new guest each week. That Peter Crouch Podcast has even had the likes of Prince William featuring as a guest speaker.

Capital Content Podcast 5

If you take anything from this, it should be to look into starting a podcast or at least to get listening to some of the great content that’s already out there!

Stoppage Time - The Surrey FA Podcast was launched in August 2020 and since then has had a diverse range of fantastic guests from the professional game and the grassroots game. The podcast is now part way through season three and has built a core and engaging audience.

To listen to the Stoppage Time podcast, click here.

If you are interested in starting your own podcast, or know anyone you would love to hear on a podcast, our official content partners, Capital Content have a studio at their HQ which they rent out and also produce podcasts with the highest quality equipment.

If you want to check out their own podcast or find out more about the studio, head to their website for more details: