Walking football.

NHS Walking Football Sessions

Walking football for people living with and beyond cancer

We are pleased to be running Walking Football sessions for people living with and beyond cancer, in collaboration with Surrey Heartlands and the Royal Surrey Hospital. 

The sessions take place every Friday at the Surrey Sports Park in Guildford. The next session will take place on 7 January, 11am-12pm, free of charge. 

It is open for anyone who is currently living with or those beyond cancer, as well as their partners and families. 

Many feel separated from society during their cancer journey, so these sessions provide a great opportunity to meet others whilst also keeping active. 

Walking football is a great way to reintroduce you to exercise but also has many other benefits, including: 

Keeps you active
It is a fun alternative to walking, an effective exercise to improve chance of surviving cancer
To stay a healthy weight
Helps tone muscles 
Boosts your metabolism 
Increases your energy levels 
Improves sleep
Improves mental health 
Helps you meet new people and reduce loneliness

To try Walking Football, simply attend a session at the Surrey Sports Park, Guildford, GU2 7AD.

For any more details, please contact Rob Byrant at rob.bryant@surreyfa.com