Women's Rec Football

This is Surrey Football: Sarah Patrick

As part of our ongoing #ThisIsSurreyFootball campaign, we spoke to women’s rec player Sarah Patrick about her experiences in the game. 

Women’s recreational football in Surrey is thriving and has been for several years now. There are a number of playing opportunities for to women to take part in sessions, festivals, tournaments and our Flexible League throughout the season.

This kind of football attracts a wide variety of women to sessions such as those starting out for the first time or those who are wanting to get back into the game after some time out. It is also a great way to keep fit and socialise with likeminded people.

As part of our ongoing #ThisIsSurreyFootball campaign, we spoke to Woking Diamonds’ women’s rec player Sarah Patrick about her experience in this format of the game, and her very personal connection to the sport.

How long have you been involved in football or following the sport in general?

“I have enjoyed watching football since I was a child but being of the wrong sex, opportunities for me to play football were not there. It has only been in recent years that the opportunity arose. Now I train twice a week and play in the women’s recreational league.”

How did you hear about women’s recreational football and why did you decide to get involved?

“About three years ago an initiative from Surrey FA to get women/mum’s playing football arrived at my son’s school tournament. My friend and I were keen and we both managed to persuade another friend so the four of us went to see what it was all about.

“I even got married in my football shirt!”

I wanted to get involved because football had always been a big part of my life, I had 2 football mad brothers, my dad was a player and then manager. I even got married in my football shirt! Now that my sons were showing an interest the opportunity just came at the right time.”

What have the benefits been for you personally as a result of taking part in these recreational sessions?

“Playing football has obviously improved my fitness. However, it has also helped me mentally. I have met some amazing people that I would never have found otherwise, we have good fun and a laugh [which] is priceless.

It has given me an extra bond with all my children as we like to train together and not many mums like to head to the park, in the rain, to play football.  We can chat about how we coped on the pitch and where we can improve, and I hope it has shown them that they can achieve anything in life.”