Reporting Covid-19 Guidance Breaches

You can now report all breaches of COVID-19 guidance to Surrey FA online.

AS We CONTINUE to tackle THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, we must ensure the surrey football community TAKES THE THREAT SERIOUSLY AND FOLLOW government guidance.


Breaches of Covid-19 guidance put Surrey’s football and wider community at serious health risk. We take this threat very seriously and as a result, we have now created an anonymous system for reporting breaches.

 After reviewing the guidance, if you feel a breach has occurred, you are now able to report it to directly to Surrey FA.


If the reported incident is deemed a breach, the club will be informed. If there are continued breaches by a specific team, there is possibility of their fixtures being withdrawn.


Every participant must follow all FA and Government advice, this is crucial to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the game, and so that grassroots football can continue to take place.

We thank everyone who has put steps in place to ensure a safe environment for football across the county.

LET’S KEEP FOOTBALL GOINGWe are at a pivotal point in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. With a vaccine being rolled out, there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, the introduction of Tier 3 restrictions following a month long lockdown in December 2020 was a reminder that we haven’t beaten the virus, and it remains prevalent within our local community.  

We are desperate to ensure that grassroots football can continue, and truly believe that it can and should be able to continue, as long as we all remain vigilant.


Many of our clubs and leagues have carried out incredible work throughout the pandemic and invested both time and money, powered by a volunteer workforce, to be able to continue playing the game we all love.


It only takes the negligence of a minority to take this all away from us. We are therefore asking once again that all our football participants adhere to The FA and Government’s guidance. Please also be mindful of your actions away from football, as this could also impact on whether grassroots football can continue to be played.

We understand the Government may determine it appropriate to introduce another lockdown at a later stage, but until that point let’s all play our part to ensure football in Surrey can continue.

Les Pharo – Chair, Surrey FA
Sally Lockyer – Chief Executive Officer, Surrey FA