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11 v 11 Men's Player Pathway Survey

View the results of our 11v11 Player Pathway Survey.

Surrey FA is very aware of the current National and International research which highlights the trend which is seeing less men participating in once traditional football formats such as 11-a-side, with many players opting to play the game in more flexible settings or in emerging areas of the game such as Futsal. 

This decline in participation can have a huge effect on clubs within Surrey and has seen some reduce their number of teams, be forced to merge with other clubs or fold altogether. Since the summer of 2018 Surrey FA has been hosting a ‘Saturday Player Pathway Working Group’, consisting of staff and volunteers who have a vested interest in grassroots 11v11 football. This group has been researching new ideas, consulting with key stakeholders and formulating plans to support clubs even more throughout this season.

Whilst the factors involved in adult male participation are very broad, the group has been focusing on the transition (or lack thereof) between youth and adult football, hoping to ascertain why so few players continue into their local adult teams. Back in April the group opened its 11v11 participation survey which was aimed at players 15-18 years or may be making a decision in recent years about where they play their football.

With the results now collected, our infographic details the key headline data collected from over 250 young people from across the county who provided information on where they currently play, where they hope to play or reasons why they are leaving the 11v11 game altogether.

Surrey FA will continue to support the working group this season and will be expanding its research by seeking involvement from coaches, clubs and leagues in the coming months. This will culminate in us hosting the next session of our new Grassroots Expo Series which will focus on the adult side of the game.

Click here for the results of our survey.