Adult Male Booster Pack Launched

Additional funding released to help Adult Male Clubs sustain and grow, and counteract the dropping levels. 

Reversing the trend

Surrey FA release new funding pack to help sustain and grow adult male clubs.

Today (21st May) saw Surrey FA release the Adult Male Booster Pack - the latest in the line of grants and funding available to clubs in Surrey

The funding has been introduced as a means to stem the drop off and, where possible, increase the number of 11v11 football teams. This fund is to support new and existing clubs that need that extra bit of financial help in supporting the running of their teams. New teams must have a link with a youth club so they can be more sustainable and existing clubs must be working towards this.


Any Adult Male club can apply as long as you meet the criteria below;

New teams

  • Have a link to a Youth Club who have Charter Standard
  • Affiliated to the Surrey FA

Existing teams

  • Must be looking to engage with a youth club
  • Must be Charter Standard or working towards this in the next 6 months


 If you are a new team you can apply for a maximum of £750. Existing teams can apply for a maximum of £500.

 The funding can be spent on the following:

 Hire of FA qualified coaches

  • Facility Hire
  • FA Coaching Courses
  • Additional Courses
  • Referee courses
  • Affiliation Fees
  • League Entry
  • First Aid Kits
  • Promotion and publicity
  • Insurance
  • FootballEquipment (in the form of a voucher)


Interested in applying?

Please download the application form, and return it to

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Senior Football Development Officer

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