England Tickets vs Spain Equality Survey

Win Prizes By Taking Our Equality Survey!

Win 2 tickets to watch England v Spain on 15th November for your club by undertaking Surrey FA’s 5 minute Equality Survey in the next 7 days! By...
All clubs (including clubs whose players have already completed the survey) are eligible to win the England v Spain tickets with the winners draw being made on Friday 4th November. The more players that complete the survey, the more chance your club has of winning the tickets! (click here to see the clubs / leagues that have completed the survey so far)

Please note that:

• Each club is capped at 20 entries (1 entry = 1 adult player from the club that completes the survey). However, we are looking for as many adult players to complete the survey as possible so the more players the better!

• We will contact the winning Club Secretary at 5pm on Friday 4th November to inform them that they have won the competition.

• The tickets are for the personal use of the club and cannot be sold on, refunded or exchanged.

If your club do not win the England tickets then you could still win either 10 Nike Footballs or a Koolpak First Aid Kit (for clubs that enter 11 or more forms) in return for your players taking part. The winners of these prizes will be announced at a later point in the year.

Players - Click here to complete the survey!

Why are we undertaking this survey?

The reason that The FA and Surrey FA are undertaking this survey is because:
• Asking you for this information helps make football more representative. It supports The County and The FA to ensure our programmes are inclusive and open to everyone; it helps us understand if people from certain backgrounds aren’t accessing or making the most of the opportunities to be involved in football; and it helps us to make sure that we provide such opportunities in the future.

• Only people analysing this data will have access to it, and, in line with diversity monitoring good practice, all forms are filed anonymously.
There is an option to ‘prefer not to say’ in each category if you’d rather not share some information about yourself but the more information you provide the more useful the data becomes.

What’s in it for you?

• Each individual completing the form will be asked to state which Club they play for and the League they play in. Clubs that submit 11 or more forms per team will be provided with a summarised breakdown of their responses, compared to their local authority data, highlighting any gaps in diversity and offering suggestions as to how you may recruit additional players for your Club.

• The same report will be provided for leagues that have more than 70% of their teams complete and return forms.

• This report can be used to demonstrate the clubs/ leagues commitment to equality, as evidence of monitoring should the Club or league be working towards the Equality Standard and as an example of monitoring data that may be needed for grant funding applications.

The survey is anonymous and confidential, so none of the information can be traced back to respondents.

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