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Player registration

To make the administration of football easier for everyone it is now possible to complete all player registrations online using the Whole Game System.

Benefits include; reducing the ever-increasing workload on the volunteer workforce, improving
the understanding of the game’s largest participant group and making player discipline processes more robust.

Here is how Player Registration works:

  • 1. Leagues setup up online registration requirements in WGS 
  • 2. Clubs develop a player list and organise those players into teams 
  • 3. Clubs then submit this information through online registration on WGS 
  • 4. Leagues review & approve clubs online registration information 
  • 5. Finally, the information is automatically integrated with Full-Time
Not all clubs and leagues register their players online. Some have their own systems for keeping records and these may differ between leagues, so please check with your chosen league to ensure you meet the required registration criteria.

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