Governing football in Surrey since 1882

Surrey FA: A History

In March of 1882, Association Football Clubs of the West Surrey Football Association met to decide how the organisation would be established moving forward. Among those present were members of Reigate Priory FC – still running today – and Clapham Rovers, winners of The FA Cup in 1880.

This meeting decided to establish the Surrey County Football Association, with the aim of encouraging the development of football within the county. A code of rules to govern the Association was drawn up, and it was decided to start a Challenge Cup competition – which has now expanded to over 20 in the current day.

Making Football Accessible For All

Charity Competitions have, over the years, been an outstanding feature of the Associations activities. As far back as 1895, T.H Roberts, Esq. of Reigate, presented the Association with a magnificent shield for competition among our Senior Clubs with the proceeds of the matches devoted to the survivors of the Crimean War. It served this purpose for some years, and when the original need faded out Hospitals, Nursing Associations, Convalescent Homes and other Welfare Organisations began to benefit.

The Charity Shield Competition has been helped in raising money for charity by the County Senior League Charity Cup since 1922, by the intermediate Charity Cup since 1920, and the Junior Charity Cup since 1904. Many thousands of pounds have been raised and distributed to worthy causes by these competitions.

The Benevolent Fund, instituted in 1919 to help players and officials who were in need of financial assistance because of injury or illness, has done much fine work. It has been built up by voluntary subscriptions from clubs, organisations and individuals, and has been helped over the years by donations from Cup Competitions. For more on the Benevolent Fund, click here.

The County Leagues, throughout much of the Surrey FA’s history, have been a strong feature. The Junior League began in 1898 with two geographical divisions. In 1933-4 a Central Division was started, and in 1936-7 it amalgamated with the Intermediate League, founded in 1920. The Junior Clubs then became the First Division of that league. From the Intermediate League there developed in 1922 the County Senior League. This latter now runs its own challenge cups, and each of the divisions of the intermediate league also has its own Challenge Cup Competitions.

A New Chapter

Whilst boasting a proud tradition, arguably, Surrey FA has arrived at one of its most exciting junctures - as 2018 saw the organisation move into its new headquarters Meadowbank Stadium, in Dorking.

Work began on the £5m football stadium in 2016, and is a fantastic focal point for the community, hosting National League South Side, Dorking Wanderers home games.

The stadium plays host to all of our County Cup Finals, and as such provides a new home to the prestigious county cup tournaments that have been running for such a long time.

Honours Board 


H.R.H The Duke of Connaught
CW Alcock 1898
P Brandon  1907
S.H Northcott 1922
A.H Bell 1938
S.J Ayris 1945
H .W. Trim 1959
T.H.Band   1964
A.E Ockelford 1972
F.H. Tomlin 1972
W.H. Duck  1976
 W.H Duck / R. E.A Woods  1981
 R.E.A Woods  1982
 P.R Grant  1990
 A.P. Adams 1999 
 R.S. Lewis  2010


E.H. Bainbridge 1881 
R.R.H Lockhart Ross  1888
W.W Read 1895 
P. Brandon 1907
S.H. Northcott 1922 
 A.H. Bell  1929
S.J. Ayris 1930 
R.R Crump   1931
S.J. Meadows  1937 
R.R Crump  1938 
S.J Ayris  1939 
F.H Tomlin  1945 
S.J Meadows  1948
H.W Trim 1950
 A.H Ockelford 1957 
J.W Hewlett 1972 
A.P. Adams 1989 
J.W. Hewlett 1992 
A.P. Adams 1989 
J.W Hewlett 1992 
R. Jaramillo  1993
J.A Crook 1997 
R.S Lewis 2001 
 L. Pharo 2010