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Being An Inclusive Club

how can you ensure your club is fit for purpose for everyone?

Players with a disability may choose to play in mainstream football, pan-disability football or in an impairment specific team, so all football clubs need to know how to be inclusive. Supporting a player with a disability does not need to be complicated, and doesn’t require vast sums of money, but there are areas where some adaptations may need to be made to become an inclusive environment.

EFDS (English Federation of Disability Sport) and other organisations provide resources and courses designed to guide clubs and coaches in welcoming players with disabilities, and how to support them in a sporting setting.

Check out the bullet points below to see how they can help your club become more inclusive.

EFDS also provides a toolkit which will give you ideas, methods and resources to ensure everyone has a positive club experience through their Inclusion Club Hub tool. 

Click here to visit the Inclusion Club Hub website.


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what Courses are available?

Surrey FA runs a Coaching Disabled Footballers course at least once a year. If in demand, we can also run a Coaching Blind Footballers course and Coaching Deaf Footballers course - please contact Education@SurreyFA.com for details.

The following courses are also available from other organisations to help coaches make sessions more inclusive, or to raise awareness on more specific areas of football.

Click on the following bullet points for more information on each course:

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