Safeguarding Children



All referees who intend to officiate within youth football will need an FA Criminal Records Check (CRC), formally known as a CRB.

The new online Referee Registration process will ensure that all referees indicate their intention to work within ‘youth’ football and/or ’youth’ and ‘open age’ football, or solely ‘open age’ football.

Those intending to work in youth football will be required to have a new CRC, with the priority for 2015/16 registration of those with pre-2010 checks.

All referees requiring CRCs will need an ‘accepted’ status on their check before their registration will be accepted. The FA continues to work with the Disclosure and Barring Service, the DCMS and the Home Office to resolve our position in relation to refereeing in open age football. Currently referees in open age football are not required to have a CRC (NB - this may be subject to change).

It is the responsibility of individual referees to inform The FA if their circumstances change and they start to officiate in youth football and therefore meet the requirement for a CRC check. Failure to do so may result in FA sanction. The Football Regulatory Authority approved a policy for the renewal of CRCs every 3 years for those in all eligible roles. For referees this means, those whose checks were undertaken in 2010, 2011 or 2012, will need to renew for the registration period in 2015.

If you fall into the category that will need to do a CRC check, these can be done now before the registration process starts, so that it does not delay your registration.

Please see the document below for information on starting the online CRC process. For any further information or guidance, please email

Referees will be circulated with information concerning 'Drop In CRC Sessions' at the Surrey FA Head Office in due course.

The FA have produced a Frequently Asked Questions document concerning Referee Registration Safeguarding Criteria - please see the document below.

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