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suspended players and international clearnace

This page is owned by Surrey FA but is connected to the national database of suspensions in football. Use this page as your first stop to understanding and checking suspensions in football within Surrey.

You can search the national suspension database by club, player name or league level from the Premier League to Step 4.

For Steps 5-7 of the National League System (NLS), leagues outside the NLS (such as all Sunday Football) and Youth Football, please search the ‘County’ list.

Please note that it should not be assumed that if a suspension does not appear on this list, it is not valid.  All suspensions begin 14 days after the trigger offence, regardless of whether the relevant paperwork has been received by the club. If you are in any doubt whether your new player has a current suspension, please contact the Surrey FA Head Office (click here for our contact details).

what about appeals

There is no immediate right of appeal on standard charges, which are basic sending off offences and carry an automatic suspension which comes into effect 14 days after the offence. A claim of wrongful dismissal can be lodged but the player or club would need to lodge a complaint within the correct time frame and may provide video evidence if it is available.

Misconduct charges also carry a right of appeal, but the punishment may be a suspension from all types of football.

how does the suspension impact me

If you are a player and are sent off on a Saturday, the suspension will be from Saturday football only. This means should you participate on a Sunday or in a midweek league, you will still be able to play for those teams whilst you are serving the ban from Saturday football. This is the same for players sent off in Sunday football, they can still play on a Saturday or in a midweek league. This does not however apply to misconduct charges.

when does the suspension start

Qualifying matches for a suspension can only be for the team whom the player was playing for at the time they were sent off. If a club operates a number of teams and the player is dismissed from one team, that player is unable to participate until the team they were playing for when the sending off occurred, has played the appropriate number of games relevant to the player’s suspension.

Suspensions under the match-based discipline system commence 14 days from the date of the fixture. If you have not received correspondence relating to the fixture where an offence occurred within 10 days, you must contact the Surrey FA Head Office immediately (click here for details).

Non-receipt of paperwork is not a valid defence where a charge is issued for playing while under suspension.

The following competitions will qualify for a player to serve a suspension imposed by the Surrey FA:

• FA Competitions
• League Matches
• League Cup Matches (subject to being confirmed by Surrey FA)
• Parent County Cup Matches (subject to being confirmed by Surrey FA)

international clearance

International clearance is required by all players moving across borders to play football and applies to all players aged 10 years and over. Please be vigilant when registering players. If you think a player has played abroad they will need clearance back before they can play in England. ‘Abroad’ even applies to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland so make sure you ask your players if they have played outside of England before you register them. If they have, you will need to apply for clearance. Clubs seeking International Clearance should make a request in writing to The FA Registrations Department. Contact Surrey FA for further detail on this (click here for contact details)

suspension checker tool

Please click here to use the suspension checker and utilise the national system to check for suspended players.

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