Benevolent Fund

If any members of your club find themselves in serious financial difficulties due to any reason whatsoever, not necessarily a football related injury, the Surrey County Football Association may be able to assist in the short term with a grant from the Benevolent Fund.

For an application form please contact the County Office on 01372 373543 or e-mail


1. The object of the Surrey County Football Association Benevolent Fund (the Fund) shall be to make grants to any of the following persons who may be from time to time in necessitous circumstances, that is to say, members of Clubs of the Surrey County Football Association Limited (the Association), or to any such persons who have rendered services to the game within the County and/or their near relatives or dependants, as recommended by a Divisional Committee of the Association as being deemed advisable, and for no other purpose whatsoever.

2. The administration of the Fund shall be vested in the Directors of the Association (the Directors).

3. The Fund shall be maintained by voluntary subscriptions or donations from members of the Association and others, and by the resulting income thereof.

4. The Finance Director for the time being and the CEO for the time being of the Association shall be the Trustees of the Fund, and the said Trustees shall hold investments and moneys from time to time representing the Fund under the terms of a Deed of Trust to be applied as directed by the Directors for the purpose as specified in Rule 1 and for no other purpose.

5. All moneys received by the Trustees shall be placed on current account, and they shall place on deposit or invest from time to time in their own names or under their legal control in such investments and in such manner as the Directors may from time to time determine, and the said Trustees shall whenever required by the Directors convert any such investment and re-invest the proceeds or place such money on current account.

6. The Directors shall have the power to request the Council of the Association to arrange representative matches in each season for the benefit of the Fund, and also to invite subscriptions and donations.

7. All forms to be obtained from the County Office. 

8. Grants may be made in the form of:

(a) a lump sum, or

(b) a series of periodical payments.

9. The Fund is not established to supersede efforts which Clubs may make on behalf of an applicant, but is intended to supplement local efforts.

10. All the necessary expenses of administering the Fund shall be borne by the Association.

11. The Fund may at any time be dissolved by the Directors if in their opinion the objects of the Fund as specified in Rule 1 are no longer necessary, in which case all the money and investments of the Fund shall be distributed to such Charities and/or Hospitals as the Directors may direct.

NOTE: Contributions to the Fund may take the form of private subscriptions, the proceeds of matches played Section for the purpose, the proceeds in whole or in part of practice matches, a collection on the ground at a match, or a donation from the funds of any Association, League, Competition or Club.


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